Monday, April 18, 2011

Nearly Full Term!

We just got back from another OB visit. Today's was with the midwife in the group. Everything is looking good. Baby is head down, measuring fine. I tested negative for GBS, which is good because I really wanted to avoid antibiotics during birth. We start weekly visits now that I'm 36 weeks.

There's SO MUCH TO DO!!! I've got the birth plan, but I need to get the bags packed for the hospital eventually... I still have to finish some momma cloth pads, get some of the baby stuff we're not using back in the closet, and there's the general day-to-day housework stuff! AHHH!!! We've also got to buy his car seat, figure out what to do with the pediatrician, etc.

On a very happy note, my 12 year old sister is going to be staying with me during the week to help me get things done quicker. She's also going to be helping me with Mr. Wild And Crazy, who has been quite the handful lately! A is pretty self-sufficient, dresses herself, doesn't put up much of a fight, is pretty easy going in general.

Finishing week 5 of Hypnobabies this week. I just can't believe everything is this close!