Monday, November 22, 2010

Our Journey So Far

If you're coming here from my facebook page, you're probably already aware of how we found out we were pregnant and how my pregnancy has been so far. If you don't know yet, here goes.

J woke us up around 3 in the morning the day of our planned picnic at a local park. He'd been teething and was quite irritated. While LJ dealt with him, I went to take a test. I was about 3 days late, a little nauseated and just *knew*. Sure enough, the second line showed up. I walked back in to my son and husband and said, "Now, J, that's not the way a big brother behaves." An indescribable smile went across my husband's face. "Positive?" "Positive." I said. Soon after, LJ and J  fell back to sleep. My mind raced. So many things running through my head. 

I had several weeks of morning sickness. It was pretty bad. I could barely lift my head off the pillow of the couch. One evening, LJ got home late from work and saw me still sick, so he drove down to the pharmacy and picked up some SeaBands. I can't tell you how helpful they were! It literally helped me get around for the next few weeks. By week 12, I was a lot better. I had already seen my midwife and she also suggested I get on a B Complex supplement. That helped a lot too. By week 13 I was pretty much over morning sickness, which was such a relief because I had it so long with my first two!

My second trimester was welcomed with a slightly growing belly. I'm at that wonderful pre-pregnancy pants are too small and maternity pants are too big phase. I don't get nauseated much anymore, except for maybe once a week. Last week, I started to feel tiny little flutters. My baby is growing bigger and bigger everyday. I can't wait until you can feel his/her tiny bumps on the outside of my belly. I especially can't wait to see A and J respond to the kicks and movements.

Have a happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Don't forget to thank God for all the blessings we have in our lives. We live in an amazing age and country!

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